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Admission Procedure

Working With You for Positive Outcomes

Contact is Initiated

We will discuss with you the needs of the individual placement and consider whether the service can meet the required needs.

Referral Form Completed

Placements can only be offered following a completed referral form which can be obtained after initial contact and discussion.

Feasibility Aassessment

Upon completion of the referral form we can fully assess if the placement is feasible given the requirements of the user and the resources available to us.

Placement Meeting

A placement meeting will be held with all relevant parties to discuss the admission. The service user may also visit the property as part of a smooth transition, which we understand can be a stressful time.


On admission the young person will meet with staff to outline the rules, expectations, and procedures along with other arrangements such as visitations from family and friends.

General & Planned Admissions

We accept service users at New Key Support who are 16 years and older at the time of admission. Our service offers support for those who display complex or challenging behaviours as well as those in need of a safe and stable environment, whatever the reason.

If you are looking for support services relating to younger persons, you can read about New Key Care, and what we can offer.

We do have the facility to accept emergency admissions, with this package we can assess a young person’s needs to develop a plan regardless of the person remaining with us.

We welcome referrals for unaccompanied young adults. We are familiar with who is an unaccompanied asylum-seeking child and the ways that they come to the attention of the Local Authority.

During our initial conversations, as much information will be obtained about the yound adult including their current situation, support needs, medication etc.  Placements can only be considered/offered following a completed referral form from the referrer accompanied by sufficient information to allow an assessment to be drawn up regarding the feasibility of the placement. 

Prior to admissions we can (if needed) arrange for the service user to come on several visits with their carer/parents/family where appropriate to allow them to settle in slowly so the move will be less stressful for them. 

Following admission, a placement meeting will be held with all relevant parties, including parents/family where appropriate, to draw up a written agreement for the placement. 

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Emergency Admissions

Emergency admissions are extremely stressful on the young person and we strive to make the transition as smooth as possible. We will respond professionally and promptly to all suitable requests for an emergency placement where we are in agreement that New Key Support Ltd is the most suitable placement.

The placement authority must send us as much information as possible together with a current risk assessment and the Financial Agreement Form signed by the appropriate person. 

A planning meeting must be held within 72 hours of admission and should be attended by all relevant parties to draw up an initial placement agreement and a short-term support plan.

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