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Unique Approach to Each Case

Tailored to the Individual

We constantly review plans with all organisations involved in each young person’s care and monitor their progress. We feel this is very important to ensure that the correct support package is in place. We can also constantly monitor service plans in order to ensure that we are providing value for money to our providers.

Our resources offer service users the opportunity to reflect on past negative experiences and allow them, with appropriate support and the necessary skills to live independently in the future. Progress to achieve positive outcomes in all key areas are reviewed regularly and forms the basis for individual service users to incorporate these outcomes in line with their support plans.

At New Key Support we provide a high quality level of support and have highly trained and motivated staff.  Our staff are available 24/7 to ensure the health and wellbeing of the service user and to also ensure their experience is as positive as possible within their home.  We offer support to those aged 16 and older including emotional, social and developmental needs as well as practical support in relation to the development of life skills.

We provide quality accommodation which is comfortable and homely for the Young People.  We ensure safety and privacy in a user centred environment.

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We understand the asylum process, access to legal representation and possible outcomes and implications for care/triple pathway planning. We are also aware of the immediate safeguarding issues to consider when responding to unaccompanied children, including issues around trafficking, concerns about possible exposure to radicalisation and age disputes. We can also help provide information and knowledge to help the completion of Age assessments and Trafficking assessments.

At New Key Support we recognise that moving into Independent Living from being in looked after can be a very frightening and anxious time for the Young Person.  We will continue to support the young adult at this stressful time to ensure the move goes as smooth as possible.  We will work closely with the care team involved to increase the likelihood that the service user’s future is a positive and stable one.

Once the move is completed, we will continue to visit on an outreach basis and continue until they feels settled.  We will also provide telephone contact numbers should they wish to contact us if an emergency arises.

Unique Services

Mother with Baby (Coming Soon)

In the Future, we hope that mother and baby services can be provided by New Key Support. We have an established reputation of working with individuals who have complex support needs. As such our staff teams and management are well-equipped to provide all the support needed to make the experience of childbirth and new motherhood as safe and enjoyable as possible.

We are working to offer a unique, supportive environment in which mums are encouraged, empowered and inspired to bond with their babies and transform their life chances long term, and support them in whatever the outcome for them and their child will be. This will be achieved through a combination of practical parenting support, life skill work and targeted intervention work.

Working to provide mother and baby accommodation and support to women aged 16+ who are either pregnant or have a child up to 2 years of age and who have been identified as in need of additional support.

Our team will be relaxed and therapeutic enabling the young person to explore their new identity in a safe and non-judgmental surrounding. We aim to encourage and empower the young person to be ‘all they are capable of becoming’.

Transgender Support

New Key Support Ltd service can offer a service  for transgender and gender dysphoric individuals. We are there to support young people in their journey no matter what point they are at. We have an established reputation of working with individuals from a wide variety of backgrounds with a range of needs and a successful track record of supporting with the mental and medical challenges the young people will face. Our staff teams and management are passionate about the people we work with and are well equipped to provide all the support you need to make their journey as safe and enjoyable as possible.

We offer a unique, supportive environment catering to all needs, whether this is just having someone to talk to, attendance at appointments or helping with the correct identity documents.

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